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Government grants are two first deductions from 2019 for prisoners with serious illness


President Sebastián Piñera has signed two presidential representations during the first 51 days of 2019, given to "prisoners of humanitarian health" for prisoners who suffer from severe societies.

According to the information he agreed The Third, they were prisoners who served their sentences at the Alto Hospicio and Quillota anniversary centers, who were benefited on February 11 after a favorable report issued by the Gendarmerie. The interest was granted through an exempt decree signed by the Minister for Justice and Human Rights, Hernán Larraín, as directed by the Presiding Officer, who is the only authority granted by law with this power.

In this way, the sentencing of both prisoners was taken. So laid under the total arrest of a house up to the other period of their sentences.

I am free of traffic

M.S.S.S. (60) serves two sentences at the Quillota Preventative Conservation Center, in the Valparaíso Region: one, for drug trafficking illegal drugs in small quantities, and another, responsible for illegal possession of fire. He was held on June 14, 2016 by PDI officers, and seized a revolution in a flooding and 285 grams between the past and marijuana.

For both cases he had to serve three years and one day, together with 541 days in prison. Only one year, seven months and 24 days behind the bars were successful. The argument for her was a prolific diagnosis inside the prison, which confirms that the prisoner is suffering from a gastric carcinoid tumor that can not be applied, chronic damage to the liver, pulmonary fibrosis and secret syphilis and he was treated

HIV transporter

During 2018, J.A.G.R. (53) undertook a number of hunger strikes inside the Alto Hospicio prison: the last lasted 38 days. The reasons that he prompted to make the protests were the lack of prison conditions that would allow him, as he argued, address his / her condition of health aggravated by Lung drombolomism suffered in 2014. For that state its condition is added as a transporter of HIV. You currently have to move in a wheelchair.

According to the report prepared by the Gendarmerie, its diagnosis shows chronic immunopathy, chronic air flow restriction, heart failure, ascensions (accumulation of abdominal fluid) and secondary cereals of a cerebrovascular accident. In addition, he presents antisocial personality disorder. In this way, the benefit was introduced for the introduction of chronic, serious and progressive pathologies that could cause death.

At the time of the pardon, J.A.G.R. He served three sentences of 541 days each for two offenses of theft and surprise.

From the Office of Public Protection, Pablo Aranda, the head of the Specialist Protection Unit, assessed the criteria used in these cases. "They are hammers that are given by degenerative diseases for people who, for them, cease to be a danger to society. They are not justified by custody and, taking into account human dignity, they can spend their last days with their family environment. "

Last December, the government gave a "humanitarian" bill to Senate who would replace the penalty and commute sentences to prisoners for three reasons: final illness, severe physical impairment, and # 39; n cause intense addiction, or be 75 years old and have complied at least half the sentence.

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