Monday , January 17 2022

Government appoints Jorge Atton as new mayor La Araucanía National


On Wednesday afternoon, the government spokeswoman, Cecilia Pérez, announced the new mayor name of La Araucanía, after the resignation of Luis Mayol.

In the courtyard of La Moneda orange trees, the government drew attention to the work made by Mayol in recent months, "with the greatest likelihood, consideration and respect".

In this way, the new main region is Jorge Atton Palma, an electronic and graduate engineer in engineering sciences from the University of Australia, born in the city of Curacautín.

According to the spokesman, the current mayor of La Araucanía, for more than 25 years, he worked in the Telefónica del Sur company, where he also had a general manager.

Jorge Atton, telecommunications secretary to Sebastián Piñera's first administration.

He also appeared as a member of the TVN directory in August 2016 and January 2018.

At present, he worked as presidential advisory cybersecurity issues in the Interior Interior.

Mayol resignation and questions

On Tuesday afternoon President of the Republic Sebastián Piñera received the resignation of Luis Mayol.

"The Araucanía region is much better than it was on March 11, when I took this challenge," said the ex-writer at a press conference held this afternoon in the Definitely, before listing achievements in economic issues for the area.

He added: "Today, as a result of the minor interests of some anti-party parliamentarians who have used a cause unfortunately – we all feel deeply, like Camilo Catrillanca's death – for personal dividends, I can not continue to contribute to this objective, that is why I have decided to step away. "

In the last week, the old mayor was strongly criticized for political treatment following the slaughter of the Community of Mapuche, Camilo Catrillanca, in the middle of the operation of the Jungle Order in Ercilla.

In the first reports, Luis Mayol said he was a "common crime" and "the most affected were the teachers".

Also on that occasion, he added that Catrillanca had a record and had previously been arrested for receiving vehicles.

These statements provoked criticism from different sectors, after Carabineros and the Government, eliminated Catrillanca as part of the crime and explained that the ordinary traveled on a tractor in the space sector; The surgery was being carried out.

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