Saturday , July 2 2022

Google, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates merge to form Malta: renewable energy in salt


Malta is a project named Alphabet with big investors and more ambitions.

A year and a half ago we talked about the mystery Malta Alphabet Project; with Google definitely intending to compete against Tesla. In its commitment to introducing new renewable energy systems.

Now, we do not know all the details. With the announcement of the evolution of this initiative. Getting from being a simple project within the X section of the Alphabet; and now becomes an independent company of the simple name Malta And yes, it bases its salt operation.

How Malta works


There is a 100% revolutionary renewable energy storage system. Which uses as the main centers for its active salt and fighting.

Architecture of this system was designed by Robert Laughlin. Nobel Prize winner and is responsible for finding a new way to store electricity.

In its initial prototype, four cylindrical fuels associated with pipes are used to a heat pump. Two tanks are filled with salt, two with a resistant or hydrocarbonated fluid.

In the system are produced two air series, A hot that increases the temperature of the salt and a cold that retains the resistor at a low temperature.

It can handle both currents and combine the generation of renewables that can be stored for whole days.

Who is Malta funding?

Bill Gates re-installs the toilet to improve the world

Now he has become a company and not a project; We know that big names have come into Malta funding.

Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Bill Gates to Michael Bloomberg They are some of the men; who have opened their wallet to promote this new system.

Now in this new phase, Malta is preparing everything to open a pilot plant soon. This will be the basis for bringing the system to a larger scale.

The bet is that Malta can enter as a supplier for public services, networks and energy industries.

They're very likely to achieve it.

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