Thursday , May 19 2022

Gift story Silvina Varas to Ignacio Lastra … He took it away when he returned. Tell me more


A few days ago the reconciliation of Ignacio Lastra and Silvina Varas was confirmed … And the responses were straight away.

Although many people believe it is a word on behalf of Silvina and believes she is "hanging" by the young man. He congratulated the majority of the couple for giving them a new opportunity.

And so, the couple looked happy in every picture and video they posted on their Instagram Stories.

There is a lot of happiness that even two former partners and Nacho have sent his best wishes to him. He's involved with Julia Fernández and Lisandra Silva. Both spoke to Mega at the Copihue de Oro and were happy about the harmonization.

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Recall that this couple was formed before the reality they became famous. Ignacio and Silvina had 6 months of pololeo when Double Certification began.

Unfortunately, the restriction was separated, but a year later they talked again and decided to return.

Because of this story that is combined, the foster student has decided to tell a story about a gift that made the previous reality child more than two years ago: keychain in Superman shape.

Silvina admitted that she had been thrown to the patio when they were in the program, but then she returned. now He took it away to take her everywhere.

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