Saturday , December 5 2020

Full drainage can be downloaded free of charge at GOG temporarily

GOG He wanted to celebrate Christmas in advance and for this it brings us great news after he has decided put a video game off, who will be fully resumed in this case, and repossessing one of the best classics that has come to the development of LucasArts and originally published in 1995.

However, promotion is only temporary, so it would be better if you hurry to replace it and take it to incorporate it into your library, as nothing but iFree charge for the next 45 hours, at the time of writing News. For this, it will be enough to go to the GOG home page and click on "Get it FREE" in the game banner.

The adventure returned to legendary graphics for its 20th anniversary better graphics, as well as they solved their sounds and their soundtrack, where the theme "The Legacy" of The Gone Jackals band appears, which of course will continue to be present. However, if you want a more classic experience, the graphics for the original can be exchanged at any time.

On the other hand, this is not the only one you can get for free In these days, since GOG started selling it winter and, if the amount of purchases you make in these days is more than $ 15, you will receive a copy of Everspace, as well as another General Fantasy for the first title you got until next January 3.

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