Sunday , August 7 2022

Fuente-Alba used backup costs in gifts, trips and contributions to pre-orders


The former headteacher was the principal, Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba, has taken up restored expenses to make trips, gifts and donations 800,000 pesos per month for former Army commanders.

According to the newspaper The Third, prosecuting the pre-order by the minister Romy Rutherford for misuse of public money, has introduced lighting about how he paid for his life and family during the period that he was at the top of the military establishment, between 2010 and 2014.

As he says LT, Rutherford adjudged that Fuente-Alba "admitted that he had used funds that correspond to retained expenses – introduced by the Chile Army, with the specific purpose of being used in matters of information, convergence and security – with different interesting, at a rate of between 700 and 800 million pesos a year, for four years"

By law, only restored expenses can be used for antitrust and security.

The details

In a journal publication And Mercury publish the details of expenses have to assign, among which there is a sum of 6 million per month for personal use

Amounts are also available holding the place where he lived Source-Alba average 12 million a month; birthday gift trips to officers, general officers, civil servants of the Chief Commander and their respective wives; and even from Hairdressing and tailoring action costs the principal head.

Also, there hotel charges, air tickets, transfers, food and any other costs raised during service commissions within the country, by him and by his guests. In the same way, for the overseas trips he had the same as the headmaster, as his wife, he was the ultimate and ultimate, his son.

For trips abroad, publish And Mercury, free availability expenses that match $ 1,500 for all general departments traveling on a service commission overseas; 1,000 dollars for all Brigades in general; and between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars for the head teacher.

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