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Free of stones in balladllan


Monday, March 11, 2019 – 12:00 a.m.

They should consult a nutritionist for an individual nutritional plan


We all hear that the use of artificial drinks, such as sodas, was said to be the cause of stone in the ballad or stone, as they were well known.

The truth is that the problem is not only born with eating these sodas, poor nutrition is an important factor that provides this painful suffering.

Given this problem, Dr. Enrique Adames, a gastroenterologist at the Paitilla Medical Center, explains that care in the diet is more necessary than we believe; Avoid taking too many fats and carbohydrates can reduce the chance of stone or stone in the pallet cabinets and the gap.

But what options do patients already have with stones in the ballad and the double ducts?

It is important to understand that this condition can be prevented with good nutrition but if you already suffer from it, the patient has very good options to eliminate.

Thanks to developments, high tech equipment has been implemented that allows the destruction of complex (large) stones located in the gap ducts (cholerochlorithiasis), such as Spy Glass DS technology, a device used to visualize directly the gap gap, and thus choose less intrusive to patients who suffer from this condition.

Dr Adames, says that the process is being done with choleochoscop, which allows the evaluation of the gap ducts internally, to fragment laser stones and thus be able to extract it. This avoids high complexity surgeries, long hospital stays and even an intensive care hospital.

This procedure even reduces the number of interventions to solve this problem. The patient reaches the outpatient at the hospital and retires at home the same day.

In medicine, the first rule always prevents, that is why Dr. Adames is expanding with some recommendations that will help to eliminate any potential for pillows:

• Exercise healthy lifestyles: a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most diseases, a healthy lifestyle exercise that includes physical activities, allowing your body to stay healthy and without disorders. Perform 30 minutes of physical activity every day, at least five days a week.

• Weight loss gradually: if you are in obesity condition, you could be in great danger not only for heartstones but also diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarticular damage, among others.

• Eat a balanced diet: This is one of the recommendations that we should always follow, as this is the main basis of our energy and health, we need to eat fiber foods and include fruit, vegetables and whole grain.

• Avoid at all costs the use of sodas, fried foods and refined carbohydrates.



In a sparkling emergency where stones or stones are present, a diet consisting mainly of low-fat foods should be followed, so eat foods that have fried, oils and sausages should be avoided and use should be increased from water. .

Foods that are high in fat are foods that are banned during a bladder crisis.

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