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WhatsApp is the world's largest messaging application, with millions of users across the planet, something that made us expect that would integrate way to create economic gains soon.

It's about the terrible advertisements, according to the man who gave Mark Zuckerberg on top of WhatsApp when he left the founders, Chris Daniels would only be visible in the "Status", which corresponds to the "Stories" ("Stories") of Instagram or Facebook.

Y good news is that time is still, as an employee of the messaging application confirmed at the Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, that is they will not arrive until 2020.

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However many do not feel that there is a cost to get an application with advertisingthat needs to be emphasized the payment is not made by the users but by the advertisers, but the price is usually some user information.

That's right, when a free application has advertised different data about the people who use it being submitted to advertisers so they can know how it worked and who you see your advertising.

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Y gender, age, place of residence, shopping preferences, texts most wanted and many other options are provided by the platform.

This should be noted WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which is why there are concerns about consumer notices and privacy, due to the poor premise of the social network with these issues in 2018.

But the a message application promises not to be so invasive with your ads, which would be according to the first information visible among the “States” of the contacts and in a stable way as in the "Stories" of Instagram.

Finally, the images have been filtered from the Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam they realize that there will be possibilities to interact with or redirect users from other social networks to WhatsApp.

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