Monday , June 27 2022

Former Director General of Villalobos was arrested after prosecuting for the death of students


Former general director of Carabineros, Bruno Villalobos, he has been detained after the prosecution set by Minister Mario Carroza in the case of Patricio Manzano.

Villalobos is being held at the Sucre Street Carabineros detention center, in the borough of Ñuñoa.

The judge decided to prosecute the application in general as a torture application for torture resulting in the death of a student of the University of Chile in 1985, in San Felipe.

The magistrate accepted the application of the Ministry of Justice Human Rights Program and also from the victim's family, although the latter asks him to be prosecuted as an author.

Manzano, an engineering student at the University of Chile, 21, died after being arrested along with 173 other young people by a group of Carabineros Specialist Forces officers led by Villalobos – then a subscriber – taking part in rebuilding work San Felipe after the 1985 earthquake.

For the same payments Carroza tried the old police commissioner Ruperto Soto, ordering the arrest of both.

He announced the defense of Villalobos that he will present a judicial appeal, which could be a defense appeal, while a former Soto officer has already asked for bail release, seen on Wednesday this court .

The case "Manzano"

On the other hand, Marcela Campos, or "Patricio Manzano" jointly, detailing the situation in which the university student has to live.

"A volunteer told an officer in that court in the sun that he saw a young man – Patricia Manzano – who felt ill, was worse than he needed help, and the officer was not in Only denies his help but also beat the student. This application, "said Campos.

"Patricio did not receive any special treatment, it was not reviewed no more than the rest and no-one did anything about the discomfort that he presented", He added about the death of the young man who affected more than 30 years later as the former general director of Carabineros.

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