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Forget this image of the solar system: So the planets do not move


Forget the image of the solar system as shown in the school. Planets are not rotated in a fixed plane or rotated in ellips. Also, the sun is stable. It's moving and at a lot of speed. Y solar system It totally travels to around 828,000 kilometers per hour.

The sun and the eight planets move along the Milky Way. The planets are rotated like propellers turn around the sun. According to scientific approaches, the solar system completes a turn galaxy in 225 million years.

So, if we could see how the solar system moves along with the planets in the galaxy, we would see that the sun evolves as if it were comet and planets spinning inside an airplane in one plane.

That would look like this, as can be seen in the following video:

In addition, we must add that the solar system is directed up, in relation to the aircraft Milky Way and with a rough impairment of 63 °. There is evidence of this when we appreciate the Llaethog Road in clear night air. The cluster of stars was observed with this impairment in terms of Earth.

Then under that concept, the solar system It moves as if it were a comedy that revolves around the galaxy with a thilt as shown in this gif.

That American astronomer Frank Bash estimated in about 14 million years the solar system will reach its highest height about 250 light years of the galaxy, to fall again. In this way, the sun and celestial bodies accompanying her travel around the Milky Way into the waves, moving from the top to & # 39 ; r bottom in long periods.

But where does the solar system go? Like all the celestial body of the Milky Way, it is directed towards the center of the galaxy, that is, towards the black hole Sagittarius A *.

But before the sun is suffered by the big black hole, it will become a white dwarf according to its size. However, we could say that the sun goes to the Lambda Hercules star.

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