Friday , September 30 2022

For the first time, a woman gives birth to a transposition of a gutter from a body Society


A 32-year-old woman has come the first in the world to bring a healthy baby after having a body transplant gut. The recipient had a total of ovaries and produced eggs, but was born without aqueous due to an inherent disease that affects one in 4,500 women.

During surgery of more than 10 hours doctors A 45-year-old woman who had died from a stroke was transplanted. The procedure requires complex surgery and high doses of immune drugs to avoid refusal. Seven months after the craft, the doctors implanted the patient with one of their patients to fertilize from then on.

After normal stomach he had a healthy girl. After the caesarean birth, the doctors dropped the transposition of the gut so that he would not have to continue with intense intense medication. Details of the operation, carried out in 2016, were published today in the medical journal And Lancet.

These transplants are complex from the technical perspective, unsuccessful and cause ethical dilemmas. In total 39 transplants were visited among people living with only 11 of them having achieved healthy babies. In most cases, donors are the mothers, sisters or close friends of those receiving, and organ availability is very limited.

So far, 10 transplants with deceased donors have been tested, all without success. The medical team of the Hospital of Sao Paulo, which is linked to that city's university, is of the opinion that this achievement will facilitate a "wide adoption" of this type of transplants.

Those responsible for the work indicate that this intervention could only help infertile women for indigenous disorders, but also to others who have had the organ to pull on after infections or cancer treatments. For all older people, the only options available were adopting or accessing admitted mothers, until the Mats Brännström gynecologist team in 2013 announced the birth of the first baby by transplanting otters between living, they emphasize. However, they warn that the use of cadaver organs is a very experimental "" technique and is considered experimental in many countries. "

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