Saturday , November 28 2020

Follow Diamond Men Live, FOLZ LOLITO FDEZ from Fortnite!

The famous streaming Spanish Manuel & # 39; LOLITO FDEZ & # 39; Fernández has created a tournament for twice a procurement where there are content creators and professional players from this royale battle I'll take the penalty to take the 10,000 euros the champions will take and the 5,000 dollars will take more deaths.

The player including Andalusia has been trying for several days bringing together professional players with different youtubers and content creators, making a list of participants close to 100 people.

After a raffle held on the LOLiTO channel itself, that's how the couples were from this Gross Diamonds, name that the streaming to this appointment.

Or 7:00 p.m. Hispanic peninsula time, you can enjoy the best creators of Fortnite content and professional players to be fun and fight for the awards that are distributed in this first edition of Gross Diamonds.

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