Sunday , October 2 2022

Flutter, the Google framework for creating cross platform apps, reaches version 1.0


A few months ago we mentioned the first beta Flutter, the Google framework to create applications that are compatible with Android and iOS at the speed of recording. Time is getting fast in technology, a Flutter leaves beta and has a first fixed version: Flutter 1.0.

Flutter installation is the same behind other similar frameworks: o the same codecreate native applications who looks good and works well on Android and iOS. Flutter's key point is in the speed.

More polished, ready for the public

How it might be otherwise, the announcement has to do during the The Flutter event, in London. Google says that after the first beta of Flutter, Thousands of applications created with this technology I have been published on Google Play and the App Store, authenticating the efforts in this open source framework. Google, of its part, uses Flutter only in its official Google Ads application. This video shows some of the applications created with Flutter.

Flutter version 1.0 adds support for almost 20 new Firebase services, improves the performance of the application, reduces the size of the application and generally more stable and with fewer errors.

As always, you can download Flutter for Windows, Mac and Linux from an official website. The SDK occupies about 400 MB and can be used in IntelliJ / Android Studio or Visual Studio Code. The official version will be updated separately from the beta, dev and master versions.

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