Saturday , January 22 2022

First week Road Law Coexistence leaves hundreds of fines: they warn ignorance of National


On Sunday, November 11, the Law of Road Reaction, a legal body trying to "reconcile" the relationship between different methods of transport and punish fines of up to $ 25,000 to those who cross it.

In accordance with the above, during his first seven days, Carabineros attended 316 nationally, 281 in the Metropolitan region, 20 between Valparaíso to O Hellins; eight at Bío Bío, four in La Araucanía, two in Ñuble and one at Atacama, who won El Mercurio.

"There is great ignorance of the regulations, so did slow process. We had to try to teach by completing those who do not respect, applying criteria. We hope that we will have an Act to apply, "said the Prefect Traffic and Roads of Carabineros, and Mayor of Tulio Benavides.

In that line, the officer accused, on the whole, that motorists still do not insist that the cyclists have to walk on the street, without respecting their presence on the path. "We've also fined drivers to drive up," he added.

However, director of the Center for Innovation in Transport and Logistics at the University of Diego Portales, Franco Basso, told the newspaper that it was "very difficult to call for cyclists" put your life at risk ".

That is, because they have to travel along the highway Do not have a cycle path, the network in the Metropolitan region reaches 315 kilometers and in the other regions mentioned above, combining them, only 700.

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