Sunday , August 14 2022

Find out who won this episode of Pasapalabra between Macarena Derado and Víctor Olivares


Macarena Derado It has been installed on the computer engineer Víctor Olivares in this new chapter of "Pasapalabra", where they faced rosco of large particles 148 million pesos.

The participants reached the final game with a wide difference in time. The captain of the blue team, Victor, he managed to get 141 Elements altogether, together with And Huaso Filomeno a Carla Ballero.

Although the captain of the orange team, Macarena, arrive 159 second next i Javiera Accountant a Camilo Huerta.

The doctor did not complete the rosco, however, he will return to compete for 150 million pesos in the next chapter of #PasapalabraCHV.

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