Tuesday , December 1 2020

Find out what food you should avoid at all at Christmas (and generally)

Y Arriving at Christmas equals many things. Family tours, celebrations and reunions are the day's order. A food and drinkvery present In industrial quantities. So, it is necessary Be very careful with the excess we commit during these dates because our health can be affected and we can find the unpleasant surprise of weight gain a few giles on the road.

Y Standardization and common sense should lead our actions. Not just about that, we are depriving ourselves of everything, but we have a minimum control of our diet if we do not want to get dissatisfied.. In this sense, there is a food that we should exclude from menus during Christmas, although there are also habits in dealing with pure cholesterol: and foie gras.

"The product that is above all else, wherever possible, should be avoided, foie gras, as it is a pure cholesterol." In essence, it contains a heated duck for cholesterol and triglycerides to accumulate in its liver. Also, inside the essay is not particularly wise, since, as the case may be, it's the rubbish of the organism, it's one of the great sins ", ensures Aida Chains, an endocrinologist at OSI Barrualde-Galdakao (Vizcaya), as part of the Conference with Health Conferences, held in Bilbao.

Other black foods and drinks

Er not only is foie gras in the eyes of the hurricane because other foods such as sweets should be reduced because "they are real pumps whose production is based on sugars of rapid absorption (artificial fats)" with the health damage that suggests. Also the drink alcohol be avoided and, in any case, given the difficulty of doing so due to dates, you should choose fermented alcoholic beverages.

Finally, the doctor ensures there are some population groups they have to take special care during Christmas, for example, "Elderly, diabetics, people with high blood pressure, those with high cholesterol or who suffer from problems with uric acid".

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