Sunday , June 26 2022

Film chains respond to networks for Mayor of Alessandri's statements when reviewing backpacks | TV and Show


Mayor of Santiago and supporter of the National Institute, t Felipe Alessandri, met on Monday with the inner minister, Andrés Chadwick, to get to grips with the latest acts of violence that have been registered at the educational establishment.

In this case, the mayor referred to the new emergency measures being used in the National Institute, supporting the organization. random review of back bags, questioned by parents and also by the councilors of the association.

According to Alessandri, it is a voluntary measure, but whoever does not want to be registered in a chamber will be a background. In addition, added the urban headmaster You're going to the movies and they're checking your bag for food. This is a voluntary measure. "

Quickly, his sayings had a knock-on effect in the social networks, where users became familiar with the operating cinemas in our country so that they explained, if indeed, their that are reviewing backpacks and wallets of those that come to see a movie.

However, all the networks denied what Alessandri said, saying that they do not check the viewer's property.

It should be noted that the Metropolitan Representative has also taken part in the meeting, Karla Rubilar, who said that "Mayor Alessandri's measures are trying to give back to the community the ability to care for each other".

He also endorsed the backpack review, judging that the constitutional rights were being broken as appeals to a group of councilors. "Can I voluntarily measure where I am, obviously, receiving my true voluntary check-back, be unconstitutional?", he noted.

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