Tuesday , August 16 2022

Feliciano was enjoyed in networks after a sentence in Blood Pact & # 39; on violence against women TV and Shows


Blood Covenant He has lived one of the most complex weeks in his history, because of the dramatic scene of Marco (Néstor Cantillana) violence to Josefa (Loreto Aravena) was shown on screen, after she told him she wanted to separate.

After hearing this, the business hit her face and her belly, and left her in a serious condition. Minutes later, as shown in the chapter of Thursday, Feliciano (Álvaro Gómez) to Maite (Blanca Lewin) went to the couple's home and managed to save the injured teacher very poorly.

Meanwhile, the PDI commissioner took advantage of Marco, who spent the night behind bars. The next day the detective questioned him to explain everything that happened. Of course, in the middle of the debate, he launched a phrase that drew approval on social networks.

"I have no problem in your opinion, I have no problem criticizing a man who can hit his wife and who is waiting for a son for you (…) The problem is when you & # 39; n decide to hit a girl she is pregnant, she is no longer in your body, she is no longer in your life, she is my problem and my job is. a person who hates more in my life than those who beat girls ", launched Feliciano, leaving his prisoner completely silent.

Of course, that's not the only thing, since it was in the middle of the question, he consulted how he left with everything, if it were with scream, breaking a cup "Or the typical one, I do not want you to go out dressing like that. I do not want to see your psyche better, I want you to have a stopping order, or better, you're in jail, to make sure you are You never do this again. ".

After mentioning the assault on Josefa, Feliciano began to ask the businessman about the offenses of sexual abuse against underage, statutory rape and, in case he was aware of the children's prostitution network, he asked he even told Mr Rojo. Only the daughter of Benjamín (Álvaro Espinoza) is the main doubt in the case of Daniela Solís's death only.

In the social networks in the meantime, they were abolished with the speech that Feliciano Marco gave, so they did not welcome saying that they approve its attitude and position against violence against women.

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