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Facebook turns 15: teenagers with adult problems | Technology

Five years after its creation, Fracebook has developed in sight Mark Zuckerberg to connect the world. But on the way in which he has made mistakes of quality that have turned some of his followers to defaults.

The social network was set up in February 2004 at Zuckerberg students' homes at Harvard University traveling through blueprint with the burden of responsibility for their behavior, in a world where everyone is not always getting the best intentions .

Facebook has succeeded in gaining unprecedented success, gathering in one network more than 2,300 million people from around the world using the platform to share data, get information and connect with people new.

But its critics accuse him of being more focused on growth than on consumer protection or watching potential fraud, threat and harassment.

"It's a very powerful company that has created addictive products that many people rely on", says author and analyst Josh Bernoff. "That's why it's a huge responsibility," he said.

Facebook was spoken last year by a series of scandals about data protection and privacy, as well as the worries of the world's largest social networks that have been treated for political purposes.

The company has faced increasing scrutiny of how it's collected personal information of users and how they share that information with their partners to offer personal advertisements.

& # 39; Face Maturity & # 39;

"After the 2018 disadvantages, she is no longer praising her innovation. She's criticized and criticized for all of her movements," said eMarketer's main analyst, Debra Aho Williamson.

"At age 15, Facebook is facing maturity. It's not just a company that comes to an obvious".

Facebook is the second, just behind the colossus Google, in digital advertising revenue worldwide and owns some of the most smartphone phone applications that are used.

The platform behind the applications is free Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, all of them have more than one billion users.

In 34, Zuckerberg renewed his defense of the social network business model, convinced that Facebook did not sell consumer data.

The founder of the social network said that the company earns money by focusing advertisements based on what it is learning about users, maintaining the service for free.

Bernoff saw Zuckerberg's last defense as a way of saying that Facebook is here to help people and, therefore, is reliable. "In capitalism we've learned, when companies have a lot of power and say they're doing what is best for you, we have to control them more," says the analyst.

If history is an indicator, then a real threat Facebook It could change lifestyle towards a different way of interacting with computers.

Bernoff asked that Facebook is ready to increase hearing speakers using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. "The future will be increasingly involved with the voice and for companies and people who interact through intelligent agents"he explained.

"People change the way in which they interact with the world, and there is no guarantee that Facebook has a place there." The analyst suspects, however, that users leave Facebook because of trust issues.

Despite the wave of scandals that shake the company, a profit of 22 billion dollars recorded in 2018, when revenue increased to 55 billion dollars.

Triggering trolls

However, Facebook has recognized that it needs to make more efforts to restore confidence.

At present, the social network employs more than 30,000 people safe and invest billions of dollars in this area, according to Zuckerberg.

"Troll has a financial incentive to reverse the operation of Facebook, and it stops paying Facebook in good faith," said Bernoff.

And while Zuckerberg has linked the developed world, there is a large planet outside the social network.

According to eMarketer, 46.7% of internet users, or just over 23% of the world's population, use the main qualification of the network.

EBS | Agence France-Presse
EBS | Agence France-Presse

"Facebook will have to make international growth the most important priority for this and next years"Williamson warned.

According to the analyst, the company must lead the fight to undermine mock handling and news, protect consumer data and keep up with users' changing communications options.

Zuckerberg's personal aim for 2019 is to call a series of public forums on how technology can serve society best.

"I will be taking more part in some of these arguments for the future, the commitments we face and where we want to go", Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post where he showed his goals.

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