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Experts warn about the use of herbal medicine: La Voz de Michoacán

Notimex / La Voz de Michoacán

Mexico City Gastroenterologists warned "side effects" of side effects from using non-scientific herbal medicine, claiming that some of these cause liver damage that can lead to a complete failure and, therefore, cause lives of people at risk.

In an interview, within the framework of the Gastro 365 Congress, researcher Veracruzana University, José María Remes Troche, guaranteed that herbicide toxicity is increasingly a new phenomenon of liver that affects more and more psychic.

"One of the most common causes of full-time liver failure, or the fact that the liver stops working suddenly and that the patient dies, means that herbal medicine is accepted without any help and scientific support, often and in Mexico every Once we see patients who, unfortunately, lose their lives for tea, vegetable, roots, "he warned.

The gastroenterology expert noted that it was interesting to think about the therapeutic potential of the antibiotics, "but remember that it is a recommendation that he must go through a strict research process because of the patient's health there."

Scientist of the Medical Institute of Medical Physics of the University said that this supplement is one of the most marketed in Mexico in this case and has the highest number of reports of toxicity and which is known to be a mixture of herbs, also some Chinese and Chinese roots.

"We know that eating a wild zeta in the forest can kill you. Many judge us that doctors who do not believe in this regard, we do not believe, we need to know what it includes, I know, if I prescribe a drug, it has obvious impact and I can manage it, "he said.

He noted that probiotics should be the same, which should have scientific approval and only a specialist doctor indicated in some cases such as acute diarrhea in children, preventing diarrhea that is associated with antibiotics, preventing beneficial infections, an irritating bowel .

"We as doctors prescribe the probiotecics that we know we have evidence and there are many lives, for example, if I take the probiots daily, my overall health will be better, not necessarily because & # 39; probably there is a need to improve the bowel environment, it can be a diet or stress, etc. ", he said.

In that sense, he recommended against any gastrointestinal illnesses that do not turn to self-medication, because some drugs seem innocent to those who prevent acidity and others; very adverse to the digestive tract as analogic and anti-inflammatory, which may be the case of a ulcer and ulcer.

"We need to see patients receiving antibiotics to the first diarrhea and the only thing that produces harmful to the health of the digestive tract, then & This doctor, if not patients, not only the bad treatments, but not these medicines, but as a result of this self prescription, including probiotics, "he said.

For his part, Dr. Luis Uscanga Dominguez and doctors should prescribe probiotecations strictly when they are necessary and for the time it is identified as a specialist needing diagnosis.

The head of the Department of Gastroenterology of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Maeth Salvador Zubirán added that there is a need for education to the population and spread on these aspects of medication and it is recommended that any problem of the digestive system go to & # 39; r doctor.

In terms of natural methods to improve gastrointestinal diseases, he explained that recommendations on foods such as spinach as part of the treatment against blindness gastritis can not be accepted, as it is necessary to prove this information among people to determine whether & Effective.

"To say that the spinach will improve Helicobacter pylori, you have to do a study that gave some spinach and other water heat, for example or a carrot and then see it with some method if you & It's taking the stomach bacteria and I suspect that has done, "he said.

He noted that no more is to say that the epazote heats the parasites, which have been properly embedded in the Mexican population, because it must be scientifically and clinically tested .

He said that the importance of the Gastro 365 Congress brings together more than 250 doctors among gastroenterologists, endoscopy specialists and surgeons nationally and abroad to share information about the news to discipline and disease this.

A member of the Mexican Gastroenterology Association explained that this branch of internal medication is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with diseases, digestive, liver, pancreas and gap ducts.

He explained that it was a high demand specialty, because the problems, for example, digestive pitch are very often, as it is known that 25 percent of the population in the Mexican suffer constipation and 15 percent have reflux.

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