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We are in one of the times of the year when people are barely desirable. You've just bought a lottery ticket and other stuff to find an alchebraic or cheposo to achieve that tradition of rubbing your Christmas ticket. According to the myth, getting newslet shapes, such as the pull drums, will bring you luck to that role where you have given a virtual change of housing, buying a car or simply "folding holes".

But this tradition of fighting the ticket to increase the possibility of being rich, is becoming increasingly more difficultl. The reason: The numerous treatments against mallasi. Now, there may be a new scientific discovery about the skin regeneration of the skin that has suffered some injury first step for new treatment to get rid of the floor, according to a study published in the magazine Science.

US scientists have found a way for hair to grow back in damaged areas. These have shown, by stimulating the communication that occurs in the fibroscopy (the cells that can release the collar protein release cells and hair shaped and strength) Growing hair on skin has been injured in a few weeks.

At the moment, the experiment It has only done in mice, but everything indicates that it could help to develop new treatments against common mask.

"Our results show that the stimulation of fibroblasts through the Hedgehog route can trigger hair growth not yet seen in wounds, "explains Mayumi Ito, a biologist at the New York Medical Center Langone Medical Center and one of the authors of the study.

So, it indicates that if you have specific skin cells communicating as it happens in the embryonic period, it may cause the hair to grow back to the skin damaged by a crew or frog. Similarly, It can help to regenerate the hair of people who have been maid.

Despite being satisfied with the discovery, scientists emphasize that at the moment He has only worked in rodents. Despite this, they emphasize that this tends to understand how biological processes work to restore hair.

In particular, we are investigating the area of ​​the body in which they appear the first roots of the hair follicle. Scientists work on the base camp to reach new hair growth.

The research is currently looking at it know how the healing process works To enable this hair growth by changing some signs that send the cells. The next step for researchers is to find out the genetic or chemical triggers that could help stimulate the gene that makes the hair grow when it was completely removed.

Other methods against mislasing

Although the American scientists they continue to investigate To bring this treatment to people, others have already come to Spain as the new treatment for disabling: 800 euros and four points a year.

It's about A technique that comes to obvious in our country against androgen alopecia, the most common mischief, which affects men and women. It includes inserting several dutasteride microinjections to the follicular root.

Here's how hair craft is done

This is not the only treatment available for Spanish. In the market you can find crafts, lottery and pills; but you have to be careful a do not be cheated from the legends and current legends about hair loss.

But if the patient does not want to go through surgery or take pills, a group of Korean researchers has developed a new tool that is based on a portable device (wearable), which can stimulate growth through the use of laser light on the skin.

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