Tuesday , August 9 2022

Ex cabin who was shot by a colleague: "They forced me to errone the Tir Tir Mapuche community"


Manuel Colipán, a former physician of Special Forces, says, in May 2017, the organization was forced to "stimulate" the Mapuche community in Tirúa, in the Biobío Region, after being shot in the leg.

The case goes back to May 16, 2017 when the young carabinieri took part in a police force in the vicinity Community of María Colipi, Widow of Maril when – according to the official version – he made one of his legs.

However, today when I chatted with Cooperative Regions, Colipán said that this was the version Carabineros was forced to report on the police.

"They enabled me to ban the Mapuche community", Colipán acknowledged that He was a co-soldier who shot him.

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Colipán spent five years at the institution and, after the event, asked to dismiss Carabineros. (Photo: Claudio Arévalo, Cooperativa)

Colipán, who offers apologies to the Mapuche community, has supported The Co-operative Diary "the high order had information about the accident that happened. The whole country made me believe that the community had blown me, having fun, (but) it was a colleague who was shooting"

In that line, said former sergeant said General Eric Gajardo Vistoso was aware of what happened.

"My family knew the truth, which made my high commanders believe that it had been a procedural matter, that the hooded men shot me that day," he added, adding: "They were I was in front of my parents' faces, the hood had been and they did not really say that a colleague had been astonished. "

Manuel Colipán, who is now 22 years old, said after receiving "weight", he decided to ask for withdrawal after the event after the event in Tirúa after five years in Carabineros.

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