Sunday , October 2 2022

Ex Alarcón carabinero was subject to an intense investigation at the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Araucanía


For the third time, he went to state the dependencies of the Regional Prosecutor of Araucanía, Carlos Alarcón, Rhingyll and GOPE of Customs officers released, for his assumed participation in the death of the comunero Camilo Catrillanca.

As it was known, Alarcón gave statements for a two-hour period before the regional prosecutor, Cristián Paredes, and a public prosecutor of the unique dedication and human rights, Roberto Garrido, after a video was revealed that he had recorded you into a police station and where he accused him to be forced to lie down and present "false statements".

Taking evidence from prosecutors is trying to determine who would be the people who would have forced the accused to present false facts, blocking the investigation.

Alarcón recorded a storm of massive shares, which included the emergency call to La Moneda from Carabineros de Chile staff, led by Director General Hermes Soto.

In social networks and among pavement correspondents, the spirit of failure, including resignation, passed away, but such species were abolished by the impetus to the high officer.

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