Monday , March 1 2021

Everything you need to know about this disease

On World Day Against Atopic Dermatitis.

Raches can be tired, in appearance and according to the feeling they are causing. There are people who are incredibly compatible with this type of skin conditions and one of them is atopic dermatitis. Therefore, we consulted with dermatologist Eduardo De Carli (MN: 58176) to explain what it is and what we can do about it.

"Atopic dermatitis – also known as atopic eczema – is a inflammatory skin disease It is not infectious and can appear at any time of life", The professional starts.

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It is exposed by red spots (erythema), scales and skin things, with a lot of hectare and, although it may appear anywhere on the body, Usually, in the crease zones (penguins, knees, crotch, throat). As a rule, it is diagnosed by observing these lesions, although biopsy can be identified, if necessary.

Y foundations There are a number of cases of this condition: "There may be a genetic assumption, although there are also environmental factors – women, moisture – food – in this case, the expert warns that it is necessary not to reveal that the patient does not have celiac disease – contact you – make sure you have types of clothing, soap and hygiene products, perfume- ".

Atopic dermatitis it happens intermittently, that is, the patient has cases and periods of silence. "This is usually true and is related to stress and climate factors. In general, the disease It appears during an early childhood and usually subscribes over time. In any case, when it's a lot, the life of the patient can be unbearable, "added De Carli.

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How to take care of ourselves? The dermatologist listed some tips to keep in mind:

– Get very short nails, to avoid being hurt and that the area is infected.

– Wear cotton clothes.

– Keep the highly dissolved skin, both internally and externally: take 2.5 liters of fluid (water, tea, mattress) and use cream or emulsions that contain urea and vitamin A, which are natural wetters;

– Note feeding.

– Use neutral soap and personal hygiene products without a sterile.

– Be careful, in all cases, which can be the trigger of the chapters.

What if, despite everything, did we have? The dermatologist usually prescribes, depending on the case, timely anti-inflamator -Correct with or without corticosteroids- and anti-histamamin by mouth, trying to avoid corticosteroids by mouth.


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