Thursday , August 18 2022

Eurogamer supports the rumors of the two new versions of Switch and adds more details, Nintendo has no "to publish" –


As you well remember, we recently received a report from Wall Street Journal which highlighted two new models of Nintendo Switch on the way. Well, it seems to be the center Eurogamer Support this information and add more details.

This last method claims to know details of their sources close to Nintendo. Both these models would probably match type of Nintendo 2DS and type of New Nintendo 3DS XL, trying to reach an audience buying cheaper consoles with the first model, as this is more resistant, with fewer functions and so cheaper, ideally for the little ones. This model would only be mobile.

On the other hand, the other model is better version and for now I don't think it can do without the TV mode. No further details were proposed in this regard.

Finally, Eurogamer also shares that has contacted Nintendo and that the company has only said so by the company they have nothing to publish and are not going to pronounce on rumors and theories. What do you think?


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