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Esteban Paredes, and "hexagoleador" and National Championship


In 38, Esteban Efraín Paredes to Quintanilla finished his last year as a professional, according to the same announcement, as the top scorer of the 2018 National Championship. Another milestone in a great career.

Hexagoleator The inconvenient attacker He was responsible for the sixth time to become the maximum Division First Tournament's tunnel thanks to the 19 goals that he had turned through the competition where he took part in 23 games.

Many say that He exploded late, others that are Santiago Morning, the club that he started, attacked his first years of career. The truth is that Paredes is being promoted to the first team of bus coaches in 2000 by the coaches Sergio Nichiporuk.

Despite his talent, the player did not achieve the expected continuation and he was sent to a loan to Puerto Montt Sports in 2002, moving on to the Welsh historic campus Concepción University played the Libertadores Cup 2004, a competition where he scored two goals to Santos Laguna, who won him Pachuca Juniors.

His stay in Mexico was short. In mid-2005, he returned to Santiago Morning where it was included in the title Primera B reached by the "microbuseros".

2008 I passed in Cobreloa and he had a great performance, but he had to return to the cast that he formed at a time when he was thinking of leaving football even because of the frustrated opportunities he had to go out before. The high price set by the club is sold.

However 2009 He was a Apertura Tournament scorer with 17 goals, What ended was making his dream come true, to reach Colo Colo, the club where over the years would become seriously ill.

The first round in the Cacique

His first time in Colo Colo was very good. He started to win the 2009 Clausura Tournament, where he scored nine goals, one of which was the classic against Universidad de Chile and two in the final against U. Católica.

After that round, Colo Colo would not have very good campaigns, though The "7" was responsible for winning the fans with great performances that led him to win a jineta and captain in 2011.

Before, Marcelo Bielsa chose to take him to the World Cup in South Africa 2010, a competition where he managed to stand out against Switzerland with a memory Mark Gonzalez's support in the eyes of the Red victory.

After combining as a figure, Controlled walls at the Clausura Tournament 2011 to be the tournament scorer with 14 goals, second time in his first and first career with Colo Colo. This year, he won a total of 24 goals and added all the skills.

In 2012, Paredes's exit was created, which began a great adventure in the Mexican championship with good action by Atlante to Querétaro.

In his first team in the Aztec lands scored 17 goals in 30 games, a scorer of the 2012 Apertura Championship.

In Queretaro played 19 games that scored six goals.

Return with title and goals everywhere

On January 13, 2014, Paredes was introduced as the Colo Colo star reinforcement that needed to win a title again and it became the emblem of that round, also the scorer of theeager to the 30th of 2014 star.

Although Colo Colo did not repeat its success in the Apertura, Paredes was once again the top scorer of the tournament in a great year where he was part of the squad that played the World Cup in Brazil, although at this time he did not see minutes.

2015 Closure It was equal to the achievement of Ruben Martinez to become a Chile tournament scoring for the third time in a row. Paredes was already logging in to A big story from Colo Colo.

With Colo Colo he would celebrate a title in Apertura 2015, while 2016 got to pick up the Chile Cup in 2016 and the Supercopa 2017.

The top scorer of the five national tournaments until then, managed to be a champion again in the 2017 Transition Tournament, a competition that contributed to him with six goals.

Although he starts talking about his retirement, 2016 Esteban Paredes began stunning, scoring several goals during the first semester where the team did not do well.

There were a total of 19 goals that left only five Francisco "Chamaco" Valdés, the top scorer in the history of Chile football.

The player was also the oldest player to score in the national Chile team, as well as Chile's top scorer in the history of the Libertadores Cup with 22 goals.

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