Monday , October 26 2020

Endgame ended with "disappointment" at the box office

Y Film industry is cruel and unrealistic expectations. Only then could it be justified that some media were already considering that Avengers: EndgameWithout meeting all of her expectations in commercial terms, although she is currently the second highest gross film (without adjustment for inflation) at all.

Where's the disappointment? As the Indiewire website explains, it is anticipated that 'Endgame'; raises 850 million dollars in the US alone, an astronomical figure under no consideration. However, to be the end of a whole series of stories Marvel, the most successful film company today, even puts it under Star Wars: The Force Awakens & # 39;. Given that the film was for the first time with a 357 million collection at a weekend, those experts predicted We will cross the barrier of 900 million.

On the other hand, the tape is a portas ad to have the highest international collection ever, with 2.8 billion of dollars at the box office … Until you adjust it to inflation, where more than that 'Titanic', 'Avatar'; and 'What the Wind Got & # 39';, which would have collected more than 3 billion with inflation to correct it.

Either way, Indiewire notes that 'Endgame' achievement; still cruel: In a period of yesterday, as a case of 'What the Wind Taken & # 39; a film could be more than a year in theatersnowadays it is difficult to wait more than 1 and a half months. On the other hand, promoted 'Avatar'; as a film that had to be seen in 3D, which dramatically increased its collection.

Anyway, if $ 2.8 trillion is disappointing, we know that there are plenty of businesses that should be considered a disappointment. Well, to all those people who raised a sum of money that we can't see in our lives.

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