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[EN VIVO] Telethon 2018: Follow the event transfer


"Give everyone, everyone" is the motto of the 2018 Telethon. From 10 pm, "Don Francisco" is leading this new equality fight, with a goal being $ 32,522,991,111.

The event will take advantage of its 40th anniversary with more than 100 artists joining the national battle to host 14 rehabilitation organizations and serve 30,000 children and young people with disabilities.

Follow the Telethon alive

The program started with a trip through time showing the history of the Telethon, where I amof this campaign with all the composers.

After midnight, the Telethon came into Madrugaton's way. Theleton Theater stage dancers and firms, who were responsible for keeping the party alive during the first night of the solidary day.

The "madrugatón" was a big success. In his first version, he took the comedy stand up the night, leaving comedy Felipe Avello as a great winner.

The journalist showed a period of about 30 minutes, where he presented a completely new show.

One of the most anticipated shows in Telethon 2018 was "Melón y Melame". One of the most mentioned topics in recent days was the return of the comedy because of the unexpected of this reunion.

However, the comedians were not disappointed and made everyone laugh at Theleton Theater and also the viewers.

It will also give the opportunity to "Fiesta de Chile" or Plaza de la Independencia de Concepción, which will include the participation of August Schuster, the anthem creature this year, "My gift." In this same line, special attention will be given to Rapa Nui with journalist Soledad Onetto.

The person responsible for opening an entertainment night will be Daniel "Bombo" Fica, Raphael and Luciano Pereyra.

Then it will give the "Madrugatón" opportunity, which will include a stand up comedy place and the "I want to be" segment, where celebrities will play singers. Why not "vedetón"? Don Francisco explains it.

The telethon will feature prominent international artists: Luciano Pereyra, Gente de Zona, David Bisbal, Emanuel, Cali a Dandee, Becky G, Leslie Grace, Paulina Rubio, Pepe Aguilar, W24, Adexe a Nau and Raphael.

In the grill of national artists discovered Schuster, Denise Rosenthal, Pancho Sazo, Consuelo Schuster, Tommy Rey, Kanela to Chalan Gaeaf, Camila Gallardo, Javiera Mena, Los Jaivas, among others.

Meanwhile, those responsible for making people laugh during the event: Daniel "Bombo" Fica, Felipe Avello, Pamela Leiva, Pastelito and Elenco, Melon a Melame to Stefan Kramer.

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