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Elon Musk wants to join the human brain with machines


Elon Musk is still talking about his sayings, this time Tesla and Space X CEO said she was working on a "hard hard" type that would allow him to carry human mind. All as part of a campaign against artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Axios, Musk was asked to work Neuralink, one of the less recognized companies, before what the entrepreneur identifies one of those projects focused on creating a device that allows people to overcome what it is defined as an "existential threat" of artificial intelligence .

"The long-term aspiration with Neuralink is to ensure symbiosis with artificial intelligence", says Musk. "To achieve some kind of democratization of information, in a way that is not only monopolistic in digital format from governments and large corporations."

In order to achieve that purpose, Musk revealed that Neuralink was developing a "hard drive to human mind," with the idea that people split their conscience to these machines by creating a system which, basically, is an extension for themselves.

This process, by the employer, in the long term could contribute to "improve" people's intelligence.

"As algorithms and hardware improve, digital intelligence will surpass biological information by a broad edge, that is obviously, "said Musk.

Although this may be contrary to Tesla's previous statements about artificial intelligence, it's part of A scheme that follows its critical postulates about using that technology.

In the past Musk has not kept suspects about the role of artificial intelligence in the world, presenting scenarios worthy of scientific fiction films where that technology will take humanity to the First World War.

So, along with the disclosure of the new Neuralink device, Musk continued to expand its scary story of what artificial intelligence in the world would be like, suggesting that machines could put men in a zoo.

"When a species of habitats, homo sapiens, became more intelligent than others, he pushed into small habitats", Musk noted. "(Now) they have the small corners of the world, cages … zoo. Even the yogurt in which they live is limited, so they are big cages …So, you know, that is a possible result for us. "

Of course, Musk intends to tackle that possibility with hard hard thinking, and is realized in "about a decade" and as described by CEO of Space X, he will act with "Neuronal micro-level electrode interface", "Chip and many small wires" will be "Implantation in the skull".

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