Wednesday , September 28 2022

Edit pictures [FayerWayer TV]


Since the beginning of mobile photography, the question has always been: And is there Photoshop for the cell phone? The time was pledged, but the people did not find it friendly. This is where applications like Snapseed have come to an eye, predicting and showing, perhaps, a better solution, according to the called mobile times.

Today we depicted the "Best app for …" section, where we will edit editorially what our preferences are every week, which is the best application for any task .

Today, we choose the best app to edit pictures and there is very little the same function, but in our opinion there is no such simple, easy-to-use mix, good results and higher use as required by the user.


I was originally launched in 2011 for iPad, but its success was so awful that it had to develop it for iPhone and later, Google ended up to buy the same year.

It never came to a desktop version, but Android reached, always one of the most popular apps in the Play Store and a consistent editorial recommendation, both in Apple and Google.

You can download Android for free here, while iOS, you can find it here.

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