Friday , January 22 2021

Dumbo led the box office in the US and Captain Marvel sent to third place TV and Show t

"Dumbo", the new film about this iconic character from Disney, which was shot up this weekend, although he did not reach the expected figures, and rose 45 million dollars in the United States and Canada halls, according to provisional figures of the company specialty Exhibitions Sunday Exhibitors.

According to Variety, analysts were expecting Tim Burton's film, remaking the 1941 classic for a small elephant with huge magic ears, raising at least 50 million on his first weekend.

With a cast including Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Eva Green and Danny DeVito, "Dumbo", with a budget of 170 million dollars, It could be significantly higher than its profits abroad, where it has already risen by 71 million.

The Burton / Disney collaboration, "Alice in Wonderland", contributed $ 1.02 billion worldwide.

"Dumbo" moved to the second place from the box office to "Us" ("We"), the overall horror film that led last week, which managed to raise the respectable figure of any cause. 33.6 million dollars. It was written by director Jordan Peele, "We" are Lupita Nyong's stars and Winston Duke as a couple who have to face their double evil.

Third was another Disney film, "Captain Marvel", which had sold tickets of 20.5 million dollars in the US and Canada, raising the total accumulated worldwide to just under 1,000 million dollars. Oscar winner Brie Larson plays super-power super power.

"Five Feet Apart"
("Two meters away"), with Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse a couple as a couple of young people in love with cystic fibrosis, fourth with 6.3 million dollars.

The fifth step was "Unplanned", the first performance of the Christian production company Pure Flix with 6.1 million dollars, slightly more than its production cost of 6 million.

Ashley Bratcher is the protagonist of this true story about a young worker from Planned Parenthood, an organization providing reproductive health care, becoming an anti-abortion operator.

The list of 10 films will be completed with:

"Wonder Park" (4.9 million dollars)

"How to train your dragon" (4.2 million dollars)

"Hotel Mumbai"
($ 3.2 million)

"Madea Family Funeral" (2.7 million dollars)

"The Beach Bum" (1.8 million dollars)

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