Wednesday , May 25 2022

Dragon Ball Super | Golden Cell is voiced in the Japanese forums for these reasons DBS Mexico Anime


Dragon Ball Super has brought old recognition for the franchise. Freezer the audience was so well received Akira Toriyama He gave a new evolution: Golden Freezer His appearance was determined for development Power Tournament and things look better in the future.

Does anyone remember Cell? Could be new to a future Dragon Ball Super? Japanese forums suggest that this will be after publication Toei Animation where something "legendary" was published for the franchise.

The truth is that "well-known" ad has expired in the collector's edition Dragon Ball Z for the 30 year anniversary. This will include all series in Blu-ray, an art book for North America, a unique figure and much more.

However, the Japanese forums are Dragon Ball Super they continued the theory of return Cell, because they believe he deserves to return to the anime after so many years. The main reason is to do so in justice: Majin Buu He was a positive re-affirmation after death and Freezer He returned to the anime until he was an antagonist in the movie Broly. Where is she Cell in all this resurrection party?

Yes Broly Thanks back to the pressure of followers Dragon Ball Super, it would not unreasonably imagine to return Cell for everything high.

What do you think?

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