Monday , October 3 2022

download other subjects from other people to the Telethon he has "chato"


Rafael Araneda admitted to be "flat" to respond to entertainment topics that were not related to what was equivalent to the Telethon ceremony.

The animator told her about the focus that some gave a 27-hour transfer and said in the morning "La Mañana" from Chilevisión that they were the first thing they asked him when he was leaving the stage why Carolina de Moras left the event.

"I told them," Compadre, I have no idea. What do you want me to tell you? "Finally, the theme is who's waiting, who's said he was leaving, what happened, "said the animator of the former Vineyard Festival. "At that time he gave me a lot of cans, as he had fed him. He became tired, also happy and excited. Even how well it came and not from someone , it's coming from everyone! In the focus, we are wrong. "

"Those who are picking up the microphone to ask that question or the editor who called that note and asked him why, not for anything else … We're all mad!" , Said he was disappointed.

Araneda added that "keep loading with entertainment topics that do not match me have an apartment", as well as adding that it feels "very disappointing" to focus on the rumors.

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