Wednesday , March 3 2021

Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero

At the end of the operations, the exchange rate is quoted at $ 675.3, which is a loss of $ 1.7 compared to how it ended yesterday.

A reduction in the price of copper and the new commercial war fears would have an impact on Chile's peak in the morning, but there was real conflicts in Brazil encouraging the area's money to reverse the trend, so the dollar came in local market ceased. to bottom.

At the end of the operations, The exchange rate was quoted at $ 675.3, a reduction of $ 1.7 compared to how it ended yesterday.

In general, the international financial situation is damaging to the risk, with global stocks under pressure and multilateral dollar – that is, the price of the currency against a silver basket – an increase of 0.32%

This is in a context where the commercial tension between the United States and China has yet to sit in the middle of the market eyes, after President Donald Trump says it will be likely install additional tariffs on Chinese imports.

In addition, there is a sharp reduction in the price of copper that was played against the national press. Commercial noise caused a discount of 1.22% in the metal price on the London Metal Exchange, which brought US $ 2.79 per pound.

However, with the transfer of hours, the Latin American currency began to rise in a block. The reason? Brazil's central bank intervention, with dollars auctions to protect the money, gave a real boost. Currently it rises 1.17% against the currency.

This gave a boost to the region's money, says local operators, which allowed them to ignore the general pressures and securing land to the dollar. Among the main currency of the region, the only one that is not currently rising is the solar sun, which means a small reduction.

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