Tuesday , October 4 2022

Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero


At the end of interbank operations, the exchange rate operates at $ 667.6, which is a $ 1.4 reduction compared to yesterday's closure.

Again, the price down the dollar decreased in Chile due to the fall in the global global currency.

At the end of bank transactions, the exchange rate was $ 667.6, which was a reduction of $ 1.4 compared to the closure of yesterday.

Environment continues to be favorable today for emerging money, after the US and China announced a break in the commercial war that has been in disappear on stock markets, goods and money throughout 2018.

At present, the international price is deepening the fall that was registered yesterday, with a 0.21% reduction in the Currency Index, which contrasts the currency with an international currency basket , although the emerging money shows mixed results at present.

The same thing happens with the Latin American currency, which is split between the developments, led by the real Brazil, and the falls, led by the Argentine pressures.

After several days there were external factors provoking the movement of the exchange rate, today the price of the weight could be influenced locally. And today the Central Bank board will decide what to do with the Financial Policy Rate (MPR).

Although the main dissertation in the market is that the rates of reference will remain stable, signs of more restrictive bias could boost the national currency, putting pressure on the dollar to & # 39; r disadvantage.

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