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Do you eat a lot of eggs? You have to know more about this food


Are you one of those who eat a lot of eggs or you don't eat anything in case of high cholesterol?

The University of Eastern Finland has shown that relatively high cholesterol intake or eating up to one egg a day is not associated with an increased risk of stroke.

So far, previous research that was going to grasp this issue has been inconsistent. Some have found a link between high consumption of dietary cholesterol and increased risk of brain flesh, while others have linked eating eggs, which are high in cholesterol, with lower risk.

For most people, cholesterol plays a very small role in their serum cholesterol levels. However, in apolipoprotein E (APOE4) genotype carriers, which have a significant effect on cholesterol metabolism, the effect of dietary cholesterol on serum cholesterol levels is greater.

In Finland, the incidence of APOE4, which is an inherited variation, is extremely high, and about a third of the population is a carrier. However, there was no data on the link between high consumption of dietary cholesterol and stroke risk in this population group. According to their findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there is no connection.

Researchers analyzed the eating habits of 1,950 men aged between 42 and 60 without an initial diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. APOE4 genotype data was available for 1,015 men who participated in the study.

Of these, 32 per cent were known APOE4 carriers. During a follow-up of 21 years, 217 were diagnosed with a stroke. The study found that cholesterol and eating eggs in the diet were not associated with the risk of stroke, even in the carriers of the specific genotype.

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