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Dino Gordillo defended his humor in a previous one Viña 2019: "Society is very serious" | Wine


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Dino Gordillo He will be one of the ones responsible for making the monster laugh at the Viña del Mar Festival.

Just a day after the start of the Viñamarino competition, the comedian took the time to talk to the media to make his impressions known in the preview of his presentation in Quinta Vergara.

On the occasion, the artist defended his humorous style, claiming that today's society had come to her "Very severe head".

"Humor for me is funny, and there are serious ones in hospital," said Gordillo in the press release.

"The Internet and Facebook are for the bidders and stupid, I have always said that. Because there is someone named Carlos, but his name is Pedro and he gives a picture of a dog to criticize who however it is, "he said.

"I have a lot of gay friends, conveyancing, everything. Now I was on holiday in the north and there is a boy who is working at Tongoy in the fish market, I'm giving it to the size you can not imagine, "he said.

"Do you know how it's fun and laugh? It's telling me Dino, we've suffered all our lives, I do not know why they came Nowadays now, I do not know why they were genuinely now, if all their lives … "he added.

"Why did Daniel Vilches last until today? Because Daniel Viches knows all his life to put the puteada, where to put the guy and never hurt him, and as long as you do not separate or harm someone, why should you feel? "he says.

"Then why do they bring humor if we can not make jokes about politics, for healing, for anything? Tomorrow will be the society of traumatized mothers in law and now all the women in law, Riding through Alameda, the mother-in-law, can not say that gen-in-law is because you're going into a dog, "closed with a sarcasm tone.

It should be noted that Dino Gordillo will be presented on Monday, February 25, the day he chose and will be Raphael a Yuri

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