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Dietary supplements contain hidden substances


You are better preventing self-medication, scientists show that dietary supplements contain toxic substances and are harmful to their health.

Did you know about the risk of using dietary supplements? If you thought that adding to your diet with magic pills to lose weight is a favor to your body, new scientists prove you're wrong.

Although its aim is to improve health and contribute something beneficial, a recent study published in the JAMA Network Open scientific journal found that food supplements contain up to 750 substances that are detrimental to the health of anyone who is ill use.

Even when it comes to this type of appendix, it is necessary for a doctor to tell you what you should take, and do not choose from the red shop that promises you The greatest number of thousands of miracles (well known, will be achieved).

The Drug and Drug Administration states that dietary supplements can benefit from health, as long as they are being used correctly, otherwise they can cause a risk.

What do the supplements contain?

Yes, it's true that the supplements, according to information from Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, They include ingredients such as vitamins, herbs, minerals, enzymes and minerals that may be helpful with symptoms, but not to treat diagnosed diseases.

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Dietary supplements contain hidden substances 1

The Pandora box takes food supplements because we do not know its components. (Photo: PrimeNature)

And toxic ingredients?

In addition, supplements contain elements of surprise & # 39; such as dapoxetine, anti-depressant that was not approved in the United States, or sibutramine that is present in supplements for weight loss. Both substances are extremely damaging because, proven, they have cardiovascular risks.

These ingredients have not been specified on labels & supplements; That's why it's very important not to self-medication, even with vitamins or supplements that seem innocent.

Dietary supplements contain hidden substances 2

It would be better to consult with a doctor what supplements you can take. (Photo: iStock)

Any actual case of a patient who has suffered his consequences?

Yes, we told you recently about Jim McCants, a man who, because of fear of being ill as his father, began to take pills with a green tea extract to reinforce his health and very little finishing his liver due to liver cirrhosis.

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