Sunday , January 24 2021

Diego Muñoz revealed emotional advice Tito Noguera gave him after an accident: "It was like an angel" | Television and Shows

On Monday morning, national actor Diego Muñoz was invited to Mega's morning. Blas Mawr, where he mentioned the serious motorcycle accident that suffered a few weeks ago.

On the occasion, he remembered that a doctor helped him after the impact and another motorcyclist, who also helped him, and who warned his family.

He then remembered how his days were in the clinic and also revealed that the doctors had secured him it was a millimeter away from being invalidbecause his injuries are quite serious, he is probably very grateful for a second chance.

But this wasn't all, as he said he had a lot of affection, although he had limited visits, because he needed a lot of rest.

In this scenario, he revealed a significant moment for him to live with Héctor's colleague 'Tito &' 39; Noguera, who came to see her in the clinic.

"He passed Tito Noguera, and went to see me in a minute, I thought he had to have gone mad, because he had passed by a nurse. I was like looking forward and suddenly he's entering, he was like an angel, because he wore white pants and white shirt and text work under his arm, "he began to count.



He then, after greeting, added that the artist had given him a unique message.

"I want to tell you a question," the physical wounds are going to happen, quietly, the psychic wounds are the complicated ones, those are the ones that are waiting for you t In and then we turn our nightmares that you don't know well, and those of them are the most complicated to improve them; ", he remembered that he had made a comment to him.

After this he revealed considerable advice which he gave him and made much sense to him.

But there is a way of recovering from psychic injuries, and what is it? Tito tells me that to say what happened to you, telling your beloved people what happened to you, talking with you, throw it out, if you keep it inside like a wound, throw it out, make comments on it even if you see that your mother is suffering heavily with & t What happened to you, tell her the same thing … … and she left, it was like a little angel that passed by " t, the actor House the Dolls.

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