Wednesday , April 14 2021

Diego Maradona is doing a fun from Argentina's coach

Diego Maradona celebrated in Mexico on Wednesday Dorado beat Juárez 2-0 for an ida semifinal from the Ascent playoffs that was a step of the definite party.

But the "10" does not ignore Argentina and the North American country that referred to the definition of the technician of the Albiceleste facing the America Cup of 2019. It was a fierce Lionel Scaloni – who has four wins, one imagination and one in the meantime – and criticized the AFA for not giving another opportunity to Gerardo Martino, who plays in the Mexican National Team.

"I'm with Tata to Newell and it's a great person. Argentina has this boy … Scaloni, I repeat it again, this is not the fault of be there because they pushed him. The problem is that tomorrow will create a technician himself and want to go to the World Cup. You can only do to the World Motorcycle Championship. I left the national team because of an error that I did, yes no, today was the technician"Maradona said at the press conference after Dorados triumph.

Argentina's idle continued to burn and said that "it's a lot of anger for me that we have to rely on a player, I do not know if he will have titles, and let Martino take her to # 39 ; r Mexicans, who are stubborn, but we're doing so badly that we're losing the chance to play Argentina's football with Menotti, Martino, Gareca, Alfaro, Gallardo and Guillermo. There are many technicians to pass Scaloni. We live in the backup world"

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