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Diana Bolocco surprised Cristán Sánchez in a TV game


During this morning on TVN morning, "Good morning", A dynamic place was held where the panellists were playing how much they would charge for having sex with a person.

This arose after Daniel "Palomo" Valenzuela said he had been offered about a million pounds for sex and Eugenia Lemos had admitted that. It was offered 13 million for the same activity.

With this in mind, it was Cristánán Sánchez who made the first ones that he would do for him half a million dollars, or half this amount, or even less.

After this he wrote to his wife Diana Bolocco, asking if he would let him do that, as well as whether he would do it with someone. And the answer he gave was not what he expected.

"With FPB (Francisco Pérez-Bannen) I did it for free"Said what Diana Bolocco said, referring to the famous actor Mega.

Capture TVN

Francisco Pérez-Bannen

The laughter was on the set straight away and the panellists gave their opinions quickly.

"You know I love you, but I support Diana by the time", Maria Luisa Godoy was released."You were foolish! Why did you read that question!"Marcela Vacarezza said.

Here you can relive the moment, from the minute 20.

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