Tuesday , May 24 2022

Devil May Cry 5 is already the second most successful Capcom game on PC


Yesterday we were counted as a western version of Call May 5 in PS4 it included a small censorship – and curious. Well, today we leave the argument to the other and we focus on a really important piece of news for Capcom.

No more and no less than the success of this new game of the company harvested in PC (Steam). The point that he has already become the second most successful Capcom release is compatible. Just behind Monster Hunter World.

Capcom himself was announcing it, reinforcing the transfer of the idea that he found a place in this part of the market. In addition, he is surprising that he has managed to overcome the initial sales of other games, which was also very popular at the time.

And we speak, more specifically, of the last two Resident Evil. That is, restart the second, and Resident Evil 7. And he has achieved thanks to some results that have allowed him to stay among the ten games with more players at the time on Steam.

And we're talking about a scandalous figure of around 90,000 players at the time. As we have already told you in our analysis, Devil May Cry has returned to call the supporters of the saga stars and the neophytes, but it's not the only one who has succeeded.

Capcom itself is suffering from a regeneration that, long ago, is practically impossible. I hope that other companies will get exactly what. For example, Konami that is very soon (March this) celebrates 50 years of history in the industry.

Source: SteamCharts

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