Tuesday , January 26 2021

Design an inflatable pill that traces the stomach for up to one month

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineers in the USA. (MIT) has designed an incredible gelatine pill to perform stomach scans on patients. According to the researchers, when reaching the stomach, the pill swells rapidly until it reaches a soft and soft ping-pong ball size, which is large enough to stay in the body for a long time without leaving.

According to a study published in the Nature Communications magazine, the inflatable pill has a built-in sensor that continuously traces the stomach temperature for up to 30 days. If it is necessary to remove it from the stomach, a patient can drink a solution of calcium that causes the pill to quickly add to original size and leave the body naturally and safe.

Scientists explain that the new pill is made of two types of hydrogel, a mixture of polymers and water, which provides a similarity to the gelatin. The combination allows the swelling and fast pill while still being impermeable to the stimulating acid and stimulant environment.

The hydrogel design is softer, more biocompatible and more durable than existing rigid sensors, which can only stay in the stomach for a few days or make it difficult or more rigorous plastic or metals than the gastrointestinal dissertation of the developers.

Researchers hope that the pole will be able to administer several different sensors to the stomach to control, for example, pH levels or signs of some bacteria or viruses in the future. Over the number of weeks, the goats will also install small cameras to watch the progress of tumors or ulcers.

In addition, the pillus could be used as a safer and comfortable alternative to the stomach, a method of diet control where silicone stars are introduced to the stomach by reducing endoscopy & # 39 ; The desire to eat in obesity. .

Source: RT Actualidad

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