Saturday , January 23 2021

Declares a Red Warning for a violent forest fire in Futaleufú: applications for proposals help National

According to the information provided by the National Forest Corporation (CONAF), active is the forest fire of the name "Cerro Troncoso", which uses a positive area of ​​2 hectares of vegetation in the borough Futaleufú region, Los Lagos.

It should be noted that this fire is still harmed to evaluate in strategic communication facilities, as well as affecting the vegetation of continuous cloth that reaches populated areas.

In considering this background, the Los Lagos District Confidentiality, is based on the technical information provided by CONAF and in coherence with the ONEMI Regional Office, states Red Warning for the community of Futaleufú without a fire of a forest, in force from today and until fire conditions are by virtue of it.

With the Red Warning statement, all necessary and available resources will be used, in additional support to what has already been used by CONAF, Fire Department and National System o Civil Defense.

In this way, steps are taken to control the situation, given the size and severity of the event.

In this respect, the mayor of the region, Harry Jürgensen, asked the authorities to fight this flaming fire and flames.

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