Thursday , August 18 2022

Dauntless community has “trebled” thanks to its launch in Epic Games Shop and consoles


Phoenix Labs publishes an Epic interest in working with third parties.

By Mario Gmez / 10 comments


Dauntless's free play beast hunt takes some time on a personal computer through his own shuttle, but that will change this summer when he sees the light again on consoles and as a separate store on the computers. Indeed, their managers are enthusiastic and believe that easily treble your existing audience "from its first steps".

As explained by Andy Burt, Phoenix Labs PR, in GDC 2019. "Epic has been a great friend to us for some time," said Burt. "His vision of keeping players connected was in line with what we want to do." Burt praised the company's communications, with daily calls to co-ordinate their efforts.

Without a blow to Valve, Burt says that collaborating with Epic Games brings a direct level of direct control to them and shares higher profits. "I don't think players see that Epic is working closely with developers," he said. "Our game is not ready yet, but we already have a great promotion in the store, a lot of visibility, you can't get on another platform. They have been great with us. "

After giving the best to their previous shuttle, Dauntless arrives at PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the summer. Later, we will also see versions of the game in Switch and mobile, most likely with a game to cross between them all.

Ms am: Diddan a Epic Games Shop.

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