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Dark Souls by George R. R. Martin? Writer confirms that he has worked with a Japanese study


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The author of Song of Ice and Fire could be working on new Dark Souls. Well, not exactly this title, but the rumor that it collaborated with FromSoftware was already excited earlier and made all the sense in the world.

In a blog, George R.R. Martin confirmed that he had helped in the consultation on the development of a video program developed in Japan. Previously, Span Wave published a video where they discuss the next fromSoftware project after success as big as it was. Dark Souls, Blood and the most current, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Everything shows that it is an open world where the author of Game of Thrones is one of the leading authors. It is assumed that many trips to visit and skills to be gained by the heads of these kingdoms will be very much in the style we saw from FromSoftware's front.

While the open world as such is a new leap for the company, the experience they have gained will certainly help them in this task.

That Japanese studio could be the creator of Dark Souls

Now, a person close to FromSoftware at Gematsu said that a project is called suspicious GR in this study of Japan and also been developing for about three years.

They also said that the collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin would be officially announced during a conference to Microsoft's press in E3 2019.

Although this news is very exciting, we should not sing a victory again. Remember that this is all rumors, except for confirmation by George R.R. Martin for his contribution to Japanese study.

In recent years, FromSoftware has been a reference to quality for the fideogame industry. Titles such as Bloodborne, Dark Souls or Sekiro have won the love of thousands of fans not only for their difficulties, but for the magic and mystery that exists around their plots.

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What is your favorite game of the company? Would you like to see a presentation where Gerorge R.R. Martin will be the author?


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