Monday , November 23 2020

Daniela Aránguiz referred to the allegations against her and "Mago" Valdivia Society

Daniela Aránguiz He spoke to the morning of CHV to talk about the accusations of aggression and threats against her and her husband, attack the garzona from a magnificent Las Condes hotel.

The context explained by the Exkica Mekano "means that it is equivalent to Carabineros that anyone can give … we must also think that it can be invented and that there are cameras in all of this hotel. I'm going to order those cameras and I will present them to the morning as soon as I"

According to his story, the "Magician" Valdivia attended the hotel's hotel with some friends, where the waitresses began to worry with her "face cuica", who at first had appeared funny until he became repetitive.

In that line, Aránguiz held "when Jorge asks for the account, this girl starts with the same thing and then I'll feel angry." I have to say things like they are. "I said, Do you laugh to me?" Started my pile and insulted me and told me And what did that say, I like that and they kicked you out here? & # 39;"He said, adding that her husband ran the girl back and asked her not to be incredible, but according to her, Valdivia did not touch her.

He also denied attacking the woman, saying "she was in the middle of Jorge and a friend, there was a table between them, how do I go to attack someone?" He said, adding that "the guards a they apologize, I have to say that, and that this would not happen again. "

Daniela secured that prosecuted the hotel and the newspaper that brought the story to the front pages. "I'm going to send the cameras so they realize that anyone can report in Carabineros. I hope and hope that the sound and all the images will be there," he stressed.

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