Sunday , November 29 2020

Curry recognizes her mistake and receives an invitation from NASA after asking the man to go to the moon. Sports

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Mark Blinch I am Agence France Presse

There is a low carrier's carrier Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry NASA was invited to visit the Lyndon B. Johnson space center in Houston on Wednesday, after questioning Monday that the man had been on the Moon.

"Given the reactions it has made (my comment), I will accept the invitation. I'm going to teach myself about everything NASA does and show its huge work for so many years , "said the NBA MVP twice.

"I hope people will understand that education is a power, that information is power, "he added.

On the "Winging It" podcast, on Monday, Curry had said he suspected that the man had landed on the Moon in 1969.

"What I said in that podcast was clearly a joke. Then I quietly protested about the stupid people, who took my words to the letter," he explained.

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