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Cuban was crying in the air before prices in the Internet in the mobile phones


With less than 24 hours to start, on December 6, the internet service is in mobile phones on the island, Cuban has put the air in the air due to the high prices of the steering packages, cost a quarter up to a total full monthly salary.

The news, published on Tuesday by the Executive Director of the Cuba Telecommunications Company (Etecsa), Mayra Averich Marin, during the transfer of the official Round Table program, has created a variety of comments in the streets and in an organized Internet Forum from the state monopoly.

Comments in official media show anxiety about the high prices of the services offered on Thursday of 8 in the morning. Etecsa customers are celebrating news, but they think how they can afford the data plans with their wages.

"I've been a teacher who has occupied at Havana University, the scientist doctor, I've been working for 40 years, I have hundreds of recognition, but my salary (I have not changed to CUC) is only 32.5 CUC, I'm marvelous and I like everything Marxist. I know that the value comes from the work, but it may be that my work is only 4GB, "he said Youth Rebel Luis Ramiro Piñeira.

Four schemes are offered: the first one of 600 megabytes at a cost of 7 CUC, the second one of 1 gigabyte for 10 CUC, another 2.5 gigabytes for 20 CUC and the 4 most common gigabytes for an amount of 30 CUC. The cost of the navigation will be deducted from the balance of the phone and consumers will be able to decide between paying a fee or buying a steering package.

Before purchasing any of the packages, customers must wait to receive a text message (SMS) about authorizing the service. Then you can buy one of the packages. These navigation plans can be procured through the menu that is accessed with the USSD code * 133 # under option 1 of "Data".

On his behalf, on the state website, Cubadebate, Yailin Martínez said "The service is very expensive, prices are similar to European ones, but this is not helpful to the people, again the Cuban & State worker will not be able to enjoy this. The service that so many people expect, it's a very big disappointment. "

The service is very expensive. Prices are similar to European ones. Of course, this does not benefit people. Again, a Cuban & State worker will not be able to enjoy this service that so many people expect so much

In the WIFi network of La Rampa, Havana, the news broke through this morning a bit. Internet users who had seen the Round Table on other Tuesday warned for details of starting the operation of mobile grazing. "There is a lot of doubt that I will imagine is explained as the days have passed, but there is one concern people have for the security of their data," Sandra, a law student, tells Sandra .

"There's a lot of ignorance, because of how long it took to get this service, how to protect the personal data that is included in an Internet-related mobile phone," said the girl young. "Since we're not writing it home and we're publishing it when we reach Wi-Fi accommodation space but it will be typed instantly, and our devices will be more accessible to hackers, viruses and intrusions ".

However, Sandra believes that "it's worth all the risks and has the service." Its first cell phone interventions to the network of networks will be "on Instagram, Facebook and internal design magazines" that are of great interest to him. "Everything you can get through applications is better," he said.

Yudiel, 28 years old and graduated from the University of Computer Science, warns of two issues that must be prepared by those who decide to implement the mobile steering service. "It's a good idea to get a request that regulates the data usage, especially the one that is done in the background and that can give an unpleasant surprise."

The engineer recommends a Bulgarian Firewall tool to control data traffic. "The user can stop connections in the background that some applications are automatically made, such as synchronization or updating," he said. "With the prices of these data packs, we have to look after every megabyte as if it were gold."

The option of a free 300 megabyte package for national navigation, which has included with the purchase of any Scheme, is the one that seems less interesting to the minute. "Why do I spend time getting in Granma i have The Country o The New York Times in Spanish, which also have excellent apps to read their content? "asks Luis Rafael, 34, and a regular visitor of the parks with wireless connections.

Why do I spend time going to Granma if I have El Pais or The New York Times in Spanish, which also has excellent applications to read it?

The conditions for activating web browsing on mobile phones have a terminal that supports 3G technology in the 900 MHz band and has made use in the last year of a data-related service. the cell network, whether it's a Nauta email or some of the internet tests that took place between August and last September.

The service will be set up gradually, first for cell phones with a number that starts with 52 and 53; Day 7 will continue with those starting with 54 and 55; Finally, on December 8, the service will be enabled for those who start with 56 and 58.


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