Friday , December 4 2020

"Criminal death": Miguel Bosé lays out against Maduro the day after calling Bachelet International

"God can beat you and kill you." These are part of the words that it is Miguel Bosé called Nicolás Maduro, this Saturday.

These statements come a day after the artist speaks in strict terms to former president of Chile and the United Nations Senior Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, urging him to go to Venezuela.

"(…) Come here, move your buttocks and claim yourself with the authority you have or do not do this, do not serve, go!" Said the Spanish during its presentation Venezuela Aid Live.

Now, by counting Twitter, turned to Maduro, describing him as a "Piece of bastard".

"We know you're ineligible, ignorant, deceitful, dictate, puppet, corrupt, sponsored, scary, criminal, but now we do not know that you are the criminal death of the Venezuelan people. God can beat you and hit you.. And soon! ", Bosé wrote.

Along with words there was a video showing the trucks with humanitarian aid and burning today.

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